Functional communication

Financial communication is - and has always been - Laika Consulting's arena. We help our clients with strategy, advice and implementation; A job that leads to our clients gaining more confidence, more customers and investors.

We are the link to your investors

Investors want relevant and accurate information. This applies whether it concerns issues, IPOs, funds or investment products. In addition, the message must be packaged correctly. And to succeed at packaging one must master the entire communication toolbox, and use it on both your existing and new investors. An important cornerstone of our offer is our investment network with an outreach of over 500,000 investors.

Interested investors

Via the networks, we are in direct contact with active investors. In addition to our newsletters, we organize investment meetings and events such as and financial market days for professional investors. In addition, Feminvest - often in collaboration with Nordnet - holds events drawing full houses.

3 out of 4
We work with almost half of the world's 25 largest asset managers. And three out of four big banks in Sweden.
150 000
Our more than 150,000 investors are an important foundation when we help our clients to improve their business.
5 billion
Through our networks, we have helped clients to raise more than SEK 5 billion in share issues over the years.

Building long-term trust

Creating long-term value requires trust. And that's exactly what we help our clients to build and maintain. Within financial communication, we focus on transactions, investor relations and strategic business intelligence.

IR Advisory

Investor Relations deals with a corporation´s relationship with the capital market. Ever since we were founded in 2004, we have assisted our clients with strategic advice as well as ongoing IR work.

We have a wide range of IR services, such as: strategic advice, producing reports, press releases, media services, newsletters, capital market days and communication plans. at Fotografiska in Stockholm. The road show attracted 1,000 investors across Sweden and more than 8,000 followed the event on the web.

On behalf of SPP and Storebrand, we produce a report on Swedish fund experts' view on the future.

Transaction Advisory

Companies preparing to list their stock or raise capital face a series of new challenges. Our consultants have long experience from guiding our clients throughout the process, from start to finish.

Since we were founded, we have assisted our clients in transactions totaling SEK 5 billion in issue capital. In transactions, we assist clients during IPOs, new issues and other capital acquisitions. Through investment events and capital markets days, we connect investors with investment offers.

Strategic Business Advice

To build trust with investors and other stakeholders, one needs to know the target audience and prepare to address all factors that can affect the outcome.

Our service LaikaBook is an effective tool. With our stock market surveillance tool Börsbevakning, you can easily analyze key financial ratios and what is written about your company compared to similar listed companies. And with the automated feature InsiderLog, your company can easily live up to the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR).

The Nöjd AktieägarIndex (NAI) analyst service, based on the proven NKI method, measures how satisfied your shareholders are. In addition, the analysis provides concrete advice on where efforts should be made to increase shareholders' satisfaction, loyalty and trust.

In LaikaBook you can keeps track of your customers or shareholders as well as competitors and analyzes of your newsflow.

We make sure that your printed publications get the attention you want and communicate the right values.

Our publications reach readers through newsletters, social media as well as traditional media.

Publications that provide width and depth

Each of our publications - Investerarbrevet, Feminvest, Investorletter and BioStock - reaches out to a well-defined target audience. The articles are written with an editorial method by writers with a background in relevant business publications. Among our clients are several of the world's largest asset managers, Swedish fund companies, banks, insurance companies, listed companies and companies preparing for IPOs, share issues and issues to increase the number of shareholders.