Reach just the right investors

Our four investment networks - Investerarbrevet, Investorletter, Feminvest and Biostock - consist of truly interested investors. The networks provide a unique opportunity for companies that want to present financial offers to the right audience.

With more than 100,000 readers per month, Investerarbrevet is one of Sweden's largest newsletters for investors. The articles focus on the most important facts, providing investors with clear and relevant information that encourages further reading.

100 000
Investerarbrevet has 100,000 readers each month.
80 000
The subscribers consist of 80,000 investors who actively signed up to be contacted.
5 000
We have 5,000 visitors annually at our events and tens of thousands follow the broadcasts on the web.

Feminvest is Sweden's largest investor network for women. The aim is to promote women's ownership and influence in the stock market. In just a short time, the network has grown to more than 12,000 investment interested members.

New meeting place and many new members

The rapidly growing target group of female investors is reached through Feminvest's web, social media and the Feminvest Direkt Webcast, which is broadcast both via video and audio. The program has around 10,000 followers.

Feminvest Investing Meetings - with lectures, food and mingle - draws full houses. Through co-operation with Nordnet, Feminvest also reaches Nordnet's female investors.

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Feminvest Direkt is a video pod on investments
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12 000
The Feminvest network has over 12,000 members and our popular events are usually fully booked.
10 000
Feminvestpodden and Feminvest Direkt has 10,000 listeners and viewers on social media and the website.

BioStock is Sweden's leading news and analysis house, with in-depth coverage of Nordic Life Science companies. The network's over 30,000 members can be reached via the web, newsletters, social media and – not least – through BioStock's own mobile app.

Leading in Life Science

BioStock is an independent company with editorial staff in Lund, monitoring and analyzing Nordic Life Sciences companies for private investors, organizations and institutions through newsletters, articles and web TV.

The BioStock app helps investors to follow the news flow and share prices for all the listed Life Science companies in Sweden.
BioStock collaborates with Monocl Strategy Services, a company assisting  with in-depth analysis and international industry knowledge.

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30 000
BioStock reaches 30,000 investors especially interested in Life Science through the web, newsletters, social media and the BioStock app.
12 000
BioStock has an additional outreach of 12 000 brokers, traders and asset managers via the news agency Direct's trading platform Infront.